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    Graffiti art is booming in Lithuania.That proves the fact that more and more graffiti competitions are being organized here,more and more artists take cans and bomb streets of Lithuania.And it is great!The second graffiti jam ever was held in Kaunas(the second biggest city in Lithuania).It was better planned than that one in Shiauliai.The organizer was Lietuvos Jaunuju Centristu Judejimo Kauno skyrius (LJCJ KS).7 crews have struggled for the first place and the crew from Vilnius(KGB) has won.Artsists were from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Palanga and Shiauliai .Besides,there was Requiem live concert(a very well-known rock band) , break dancing and various games. Anyway,check the pics out and decide which one was the best… FAT CRU-Rock & Wolter face (Klaipeda)
    KGB(Vilnius) E-LEGALZ (Kaunas)
    TDB(Kaunas) ALEX & TAMAS(Palanga)

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